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Woltman operations in a single location

Dieseko Group consolidates Woltman operations in a single location

Sliedrecht, The Netherlands – October 16th, 2019.

As of November 1st, 2019, Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs will consolidate its operations in The Netherlands in its location in Giessenburg. With this organisational change, Woltman’s parent company Dieseko Group aims to increase the efficiency of the business model in support of a faster and more flexible response to the highly volatile demand in the market for piling and drilling rigs.

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Very first Woltman 55VR heads out to its first jobsite

Woltman´s latest addition to its product range: The Woltman 55VR.

Woltman is well known for manufacturing dedicated, compact yet powerful rigs for the foundation industry. Over the years several foundation methods require more and more bearing capacity which means the rigs which install these foundations are also getting larger and heavier. Therefore Woltman has now designed a new rig with increased performance but still compact of size.

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Woltman 55DR Promotion video

The Woltman 55DR with PVE RH-25. The Drilling rig that a contractor wants when it comes to soil displacement, CFA and Cased CFA drilling.

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Woltman 30PR with PVE 3NL-S

The PVE 3NL-S is the smallest hammer in the PVE range. Combining a light weight frame with high impact energy this small hammer is excellent for the bigger piling jobs with smaller machines. In this case the PVE 3NL-S is used with a 30 ton Woltman 30PR pile driving rig but will also fit perfectly in (mobil) excavators.

Woltman 50PR driving tubular piles in Scotland

Ivor King Piling is working continuesly at the new £177m Energy Recovery Facility in Dunbar, Scotland.
For this project Ivor king uses a Woltman 50PR with 7NL hammer to install the 1300, 12m, Ø273mm tubular piles.


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