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Woltman operations in a single location

Dieseko Group consolidates Woltman operations in a single location

Sliedrecht, The Netherlands – October 16th, 2019.

As of November 1st, 2019, Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs will consolidate its operations in The Netherlands in its location in Giessenburg. With this organisational change, Woltman’s parent company Dieseko Group aims to increase the efficiency of the business model in support of a faster and more flexible response to the highly volatile demand in the market for piling and drilling rigs.

The transfer of operations from the Oosterhout location to Giessenburg will improve clients’ access to the organisation’s full range of services. The consolidation in Giessenburg will allow Woltman to improve efficiency in the coordination of repairs and routine maintenance as well as in the planning of servicing worldwide. The majority of employees in the Oosterhout location will have the opportunity to continue their employment either in Giessenburg or with Dieseko in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands.

Dirk Smulders, CEO of Dieseko, said in a statement: “The way to make Woltman fit for the future is to simplify the business model. Maintaining two locations has proved too complex in the current market, as was confirmed in the feedback of clients.” He expects to see ‘challenging market conditions’ in the coming years, including as a result of stagnation in construction projects related to the so-called nitrogen judgment of the Dutch Council of State. “Partly for this reason we want to make Woltman a leaner organisation with a structurally lower cost level.”

Woltman has been part of the Dieseko Group since 2016, alongside PVE Piling and Drilling Rigs, which operates in the same market and became part of the Dieseko Group in 2014. Since the acquisition, Woltman has proved a valuable addition to the Dieseko Group portfolio, while it has also become clear that the intended international growth in particular is taking more time than expected.

Over the past few years Woltman has put a lot of effort in the optimisation of the production and supply chain. Also, a great deal of energy has been spent on optimising the level of service and substantial investments have been made in innovations and product development, such as online monitoring and easier exchange of attachments. In its slimmed-down form, Woltman will be able to focus on its strength as a service provider in high-value piling and drilling rigs. Going forward, the key focus areas will be direct lines with core markets, operational excellence, further innovation of its product range and excellence in service.

About Dieseko Group

With four renowned brands, Dieseko Group BV has been a provider of innovative equipment for the global foundation construction industry since 1974. Under the brand names PVE, ICE, Woltman and Bell, the company offers a broad portfolio of products and services such as vibratory hammers, power packs, piling and drilling rigs, impact hammers, dredging pumps and vibroflots. The services include sales, rentals, training, technical support, maintenance, overhauls and repairs. Dieseko Group is a global company with an average of 200 employees and five branches in China, the USA, Australia, Brazil and The Netherlands. From its headquarters in The Netherlands, Dieseko Group serves the global market through an extensive dealer network.

For further information please contact Douwe Feenstra, Marketing Manager Dieseko Group,

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