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Woltman 55DR Promotion video

The Woltman 55DR with PVE RH-25. The Drilling rig that a contractor wants when it comes to soil displacement, CFA and Cased CFA drilling.

The Woltman 55DR is a compact drilling rig which has been developed over the past 20 years for soil displacement, CFA and Cased CFA drilling. Woltman rigs have a unique set up which makes it possible to build relatively light and compact rigs with high capacity and outstanding performance.
The Woltman 55DR has an operational weight of about 65 tons including rotary head and the most popular options. With this rig you are able to drill piles with a max. length of 25 meters in a single stroke. Max. diameter is 1.000 mm however this is depending on drilling method and soil conditions.
This specific 55DR is supplied to Franki Foundations Belgium who requested extra safety pre-cautions. Therefore this 55DR is fitted with safety features as: Zoom HD- Camera’s, Handrails, warning lights, acoustic signals, double entry steps, machine monitoring, hoist limits etc.
Have a look at our latest promotional video of this 55DR. If you need any additional information after watching the video we are happy to help you. You can contact our sales department at for detailed specifications of the 55DR please download or 55DR specification sheet.

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